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Orange Magazine is created by hundreds of young journalists who volunteer and produce unique editions with articles, layout, podcasts, videos or photos. But for obvious reasons there is a team, which organises projects, maintains the website, promotes the magazine, stays in contact with partners, participants and most importantly: our readers. This page is dedicated to this team and shortly introduces the people behind the scenes.



Dmitri Romanovski - Orange Magazine

Dmitri Romanovski [email]
EYP board supervisor 

Dmitri Romanovski is a reporter from Moldova with five years of experience in local media and international companies such as BBC, Russian International News Agency and Transitions Online Magazine. He studied Communication Sciences and Business Journalism in Moldova and Russia. Currently he is a master student in Russian Central and East European Studies at the University of Glasgow / Jagiellonian University. Dmitri became involved with EYP in 2013 and was elected to the executive board in 2014.



Anna Valmero

Anna Valmero [email]
Project Coordinator

I am Anna, a project coordinator with Orange Magazine since 2015. My role involves project management, editorial production and content strategy (including multimedia and social media), and partner relations. My projects include managing teams with partners such as Deutsche Welle (Global Media Forum), Council of Europe (World Forum for Democracy), and Asia-Europe Foundation (Model Asia-Europe Meeting). I believe that the Orange Magazine provides a good platform for creative collaboration between young international journalists while providing objective stories.

I have a degree in development communications from the University of the Philippines, with summer courses with the Chinese-University of Hong Kong (2014) on climate reporting and Erasmus University – Rotterdam (2015) on sustainable cities. I am finishing a masters degree in journalism with ACFJ. I contribute regularly with US-based Citiscope and its partner site, Citylab), and previously with UK-based, US Climate Wire, and Philippine news sites. I also contributed chapters in two books, a manual on disaster risk reduction and lessons from community-based development in the Philippines.





Orange Team - Triin Ilves

Triin Ilves [email]
Project Coordinator 

Choosing public administration for masters degree, I changed my educational path after finishing BA in journalism and communication from University of Tartu. However, pushing boundaries and discovering something new can only lead to growth, both personal and professional. Or as it goes – sometimes you gotta go with the flow, other times work really hard with an understanding that sleep becomes irrelevant. Interested in foreign topics and international media, I’ve been a public diplomacy intern in Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participated in media workshops and am a proud TFAS Alumni; on my spare time, however, a proper pop culture nerd.



Melody Dafonseca

Melody Dafonseca     [email]

My name is Mélody, I’m a french graphic designer & art director, living in Paris. I graduated in 2014, from the ENSAAMA, High School of Applied Arts and Crafts. I’m a multidisciplinary designer, at ease in differents graphic and artistic universe : I worked in a NGO in Egypt, teaching French to children through arts, but i also worked in Budapest, Barcelona and recently for the luxe industry, at Guerlain, as a graphic designer junior.

Currently I’m teaching in the Digital field : motion design & filmmaking. I love sharing my knowledge and keep people aware of the images impact that surround us by setting up graphic design & photography workshops.



Irene Dominioni - Orange Magazine

Irene Dominioni
Social Media Manager, Editor

My name is Irene and I am from Milan, Italy. I earned an Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Journalism with a specialization in European Media and Politics, studying in Denmark and The Netherlands. Previously, I studied Communication and Political Science at the University of Milan, where I started my activity as a young journalist. Alongside my studies I have worked in communication and social media in the no-profit sector and I have freelanced for different online media platforms, always with a special eye for youth issues. My interests range from social causes to international politics, culture, and women’s rights. I am naturally curious and passionate about journalism as I believe it is characterized by a fundamental transitive relation: information is knowledge, knowledge is progress, therefore information is progress.



Demetrios Pogkas - Orange Magazine

Demetrios Pogkas [email]
Social Media Manager, Editor 

Demetrios is a business and tech journalist based in Athens, covering extensively the startup and venture capital/private equity ecosystems of Greece, as well as entrepreneurship and digital economy. He has worked for Delta Press, the media company behind, one of the most well-respected business news portals of Greece, which he helped establish and grow as the leading source of information on tech entrepreneurship in Greece. His work has also appeared in publications such as The Huffington Post Greece, The Global Post, Fortune Greece, Berlin Valley Magazine and more. Demetrios has been involved with European Youth Press projects for three years now, taking part into the European Youth Media Days and Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum projects.



Anna Romandash - Orange Magazine

Anna Romandash [email]

Being a journalist means catching the moment and recognizing the opportunity, so it’s a very dynamic job. I love it because it keeps me moving forward, and I never limit myself in this sphere. Currently, I work as a freelance journalist in an English-language newspaper KyivPost, and contribute to the media monitoring platform Telekrytyka. There, I write about current media trends, journalism standards and analyze whether they are being met (or not) in Ukraine. As I am fascinated with image building, branding, and promotion, my professional interest areas include the analysis of the perceptions and attitudes that news creates in societies. I work in the sphere where I get a chance to break some of the stereotypes media create as well as fight the existing unprofessionalism. Since the media are strong enough to create an alternative reality now, I try to understand this phenomenon and do something about it.



Farnaz Bonyadgozar - Orange Magazine

Farnaz Bonyadgozar

Originally coming from Iran, I decided to pursue my dreams in Europe. My adventure started 4 years ago and it has opened many doors in my life since. It led to a Master’s degree in British and North American Cultural Studies from Freiburg University, along with a growing passion in the field of media and journalism. As a student, I was always involved in and led various projects. I acquired first-hand  journalistic experience by working with Uni-TV Freiburg during my studies. It was an opportunity for me to learn and practice the art of video production. consequently I managed to get my first stop-motion film to the finale of Radical Democracy 2014: European Video Challenge, as well as to the online discussion forum organized by Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, interfilm Berlin, and the 30th International Short Film Festival Berlin. Last but not least, I enjoyed a month internship at Deutsche Welle, where I got to produce articles, photo galleries, and further videos. I work best when I am challenged to do important tasks, and I yearn to work with a team in which I can be an inspiring member.




Alumni members


Dobriyana Tropankeva
Dobriyana Tropankeva, Denmark

My work is my way of living. I am used to a 100 hours working week, tight deadlines and hectic schedules. I graduated with Double Master’s Degree in Business and Finance Journalism from City University London and Aarhus University, Denmark. I have worked in the field of media and communications in more than 20 EU countries. I was Head of Press for events hosting up to 7000 participants. Additionally, I have 10 years of international experience in big projects with major international institutions such as the London School of Economics, University of Oxford, European Parliament, Deutsche Welle, City University London, The Council of Europe, The European Youth Press, AIESEC, The United Nations Youth Associations etc. Currently I work as a business developer-corporate communications in an EdTech Company.

I started at Orange as a participant – I was writer at the Orange magazine produced for the International AIDS Conference in Vienna in 2010. Since then I have been project coordinator, editor, radio or TV producer in 30 international Orange and EYP projects. Currently I am project coordinator and editor at Orange magazine. I also work on the Public Relations of the European Youth Press.



Tomas Lacika
Tomas Lacika, Slovakia

I graduated in June, 2013 from Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic where I studied Information Management and during last years gained significant knowledge of different cultures through extensive travel and meeting people. Currently I am living in Bratislava, Slovakia, where I have a corporate job.

I am enthusiastic in sharing the knowledge and, of course, gaining it as well. Most of all I enjoy photography and in 2011 I had a chance to lead a photography workshop in Spain. During years 2007 – 2011, I participated in several music events in Slovakia as an official photographer and journalist. I contributed to major Slovakian internet magazines. As a graphic designer I enjoy creating modern layouts for websites, posters or logos.




James Mulhall, Ireland     [email]

I am originally from Ireland and currently living in London, UK. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, Sociology and Political Science at NUI Galway, I studied for a Masters Degree in Journalism at Ulster University. I have worked in local press and national press, as well as being involved in European press, and particularly enjoy meeting journalists from all over the world in my work. I currently work as a journalist with The Irish Post newspaper in London as well as my role with Orange Magazine. I first got involved with Orange Magazine in 2014, while covering the European Youth Event in Strasbourg.


Orange Team - Tatiana Tilly
Tatiana Tilly

I believe that storytelling can bring people closer together. There are so many important stories that need to be told in a engaging way, so people will understand current international politics, other cultures or simply each other better.

This is what motivates me in my work. I have a diploma in journalism from Aarhus, Denmark, have studied a semester of literature and art history in Madrid and specialized in EU-journalism in Utrecht, Holland. During my studies I worked at the national Danish newspaper Politiken, did communications and wrote for several smaller international blogs. Also, I participated in the first Alpbach Media Academy and have been a scholarship holder at the European Forum Alpbach in Austria for the second time this year. Currently, I work as a freelance writer in Copenhagen.



Orange Team - Soraia Ramos
Soraia Ramos, Portugal     [email]
Content Editor

Since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a journalist. I have been working all my life to become a better and stronger professional. My professional experience without borders, national and international professional courses, and all knowledge earned, had proven me that we can conduct our society turning the world in a better place.

I graduated in Journalism from the University of Coimbra (Portugal). I have nine years of experience in newspaper, radio and television broadcast, both academic and professional Institutions. Nowadays, I am working as a freelance journalist and as a freelance Media/Journalism/Communication international trainer. The European politics and international issues are my favorite topics.



Marine Leduc, France     [email]
Content Editor

My name is Marine and I am from Nantes, France. Armed with my diploma in European Journalism, I spent few months in a radio in Montreal and six months between Nantes and Palestine as a volunteer for youth organizations. In 2012, I was also an intern for the European magazine where I knew more about European press and media. I am now writing from Bucharest, Romania, where I am doing a European Voluntary Service in the arts and multimedia fields.



Orange Team - Olalla Tuñas Martínez
Olalla Tuñas Martínez     [email]
Content Editor

My name is Olalla and I was born in Galicia, a region in the Atlantic Coast of Spain. I studied Journalism at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain and I have finished an Erasmus Mundus Masters in Journalism, Media and Globalization, specializing in journalism and media across cultures, in Denmark, Chile and Germany. Along with my studies I have collaborated with several media outlets on a wide range of topics from social movements, to environmental issues, cultural life and education. As well I worked with the NGO Plan International as communications assistant and I am currently collaborating with the Unesco Institute of Lifelong Learning (UIL) as language editor and translator. I am interested in politics, human rights and the power of social media and Internet for civic organization.

Bettina Benzinger

Bettina Benzinger     [email]

Project Manager

Bettina studied international media, journalism and globalization studies. She has studied and worked in several countries and is interested in innovation driving social change, in international development and sustainability.



Petri Vanhanen_photo_BIO
Petri Vanhanen, Finland

I’ve worked as a newspaper photographer the past 10 years (5 years actively). I started my career in 2002 as a writing journalist in a local newspaper. After that I begun my studies in the University of Tampere, Finland.

During my studies I’ve grown more into multimedia, TV and radio work. Photojournalism is still my bread and butter, but I’m aiming more in devising layout, editing video and coding multimedia. Currently I am employed as a full-time photojournalist and videographer in a Finnish regional newspaper.


Camille Dupont
Camille Dupont, France

My name is Camille Dupont and I am a master student in the Strasbourg Institute for Political Science. I study Economics, Management, Communication and Law on top of History and Social Sciences. Since 2010, I experienced working for different institutions such as Sciences Po Strasbourg, University of Birmingham Model Arab League, London and Oxford International Models United Nations.

I really enjoy working in an international context, travelling and also being involved in innovative projects.

Taking part in Orange Magazine is a wonderful way to fulfil all these interests!
Armand Feka
Armand Feka, Austria

Currently, I work as a freelance reporter for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF in their foreign correspondence office in Brussels, where I assist on reporting about current EU affairs and delivering comprehensive information on the daily business in the ”European bubble”. In my work I conduct background research, follow European Parliament/ Council meetings and interview key EU policy makers and stakeholders.

Over the past three years I have also been working as a journalist (reporting in German and English) in various Austrian and European media. I´ve been involved with Youthpress for a bit less than 2 years an enjoyed my time there a lot, which was the reason I became editor of Orange Magazine.



emanuela campanella_BIO

Emanuela Campanella, Canada

My name is Emanuela and I was born and raised in Canada. I work as a Junior Officer for the International Labour Organization in press, media and communications and performing research on youth employment issues. Passionate about what I do, I report at International Conferences as much as I can and write for ILO’s newsletter, magazine and website. I graduated in Communication and Philosophy from the University of Ottawa.

Enthusiastic about travelling I have taken every opportunity to work and travel abroad. I have reported for the European Youth Press, London and Geneva International Model United Nations and the International Labour Conference. Currently I am based in Geneva Switzerland and have soaked in the international environment. Fanatical for innovation, old school jazz, filmmaking and journalism, I dream to be able to travel the world and shine light on the most pressing political issues.



Vanessa Ellingham
Vanessa Ellingham, New Zealand

A New Zealander reporting from Copenhagen, I am currently a freelance journalist, a communications intern at the International Working Group for Indigenous Peoples’ and an enthusiastic EYP newbie.

I have a background in print and online journalism, along with a bit of photojournalism thrown in for good measure. I hold a Bachelor of Communications Studies majoring in Journalism from Auckland University of Technology and I spent a semester at the Danish School of Journalism studying international reporting, conflict reporting and stereotypes. I have written for New Zealand’s largest online news site, as well as range of creative innovation and pop culture publications. With an eye for detail, I edit whatever needs editing – once I even edited a fishing magazine. However, my key journalism interest lies in reporting diversity issues, culture and the arts.

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