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orange magazine jul. 2019

European Journalism Institute 2019, Prague


David Blevins

Making Hope and History Rhyme

David Blevins Senior Ireland Correspondent, Sky News @skydavidblevins ‘’Could objective journalism help defeat the tyranny all over the world?’’ Catalina Ramos, Chile ‘’His presentation was encouraging, teaching us that Journalism is the lifeblood of democracy and…

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Markus Spieker

The biggest trends of the 21st century

Markus Spieker  Reporter and Historian, Germany @mrsspieker   Markus Spieker has talked about several secrets of good journalists. He said that these qualities are essential for providing quality journalism: Curiosity Curiosity in necessary for doing something…

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Paul Glader

Writing Stories and Loving Ethics

Paul Glader-Professor at the King’s College New York, founder of VettNews and executive director of the The Media Project and its non-profit news organization ReligionUnplugged. He is on Twitter @PaulGlader “The Media Project is delighted to…

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