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Video interview with Anne-Louis Thon Schur, The Global Impact Club

Anne-Louise has made it her mission to prove that sustainable investments are profitable investments. Consequently, she has founded two unique concepts within sustainable and impact investing:

1) SDG Invest is the first global, sustainable equity investment fund in Europe, that uses the SDGs as a proactive tool to invest in listed large cap.
2) The Global Impact Club (GIC) is a network of families that want to make co-inspire, co-educate and co-invest in impact cases and programmes. Anne-Louise advises investors on and screens impact investments using her global experience, best practices and knowledge from networking with experts and like-minded peers.

Anne-Louise brings more than 20 years of sustainability experience from a variety of countries and sectors. She has a master’s in communication and economics and has a Cambridge Sustainability Leadership. She has worked as Head of Sustainability and International Development at PwC, Denmark, and sits on various boards and advisory committees.

Interview conducted by Berenike Vollmer.

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