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INTERVIEWER: Could you highlight a moment or a point where you felt you have accomplished your goals for Youth Time?

JULIA: I am the founder and president of this organisation. I founded Youth Time in the Czech Republic with Mr. Ondřej Kafka, a lawyer fromm the Czech Republic and Ms. Petra Mitiayakovic from Croatia. The idea was to create an organisation for youth exchange, not just a cultural one but also for professional exchange, to exchange the views and perspectives of different social lives and organise events for youths from all around the globe on a permanent base.

INTERVIEWER: This year we have heard all the presentations which were amazing and very different, from education to technology. What do you think about this years’ participation and the participants’ countries of origin?

JULIA: First of all, it was a high competition for the project presenters this year. We had only 15 places and we got over 40 projects to be presented. So, we did a detailed job to select the projects that would fit and could be presented during the forum. When we received the applications, it is just an idea, and when we choose the idea, we have to take the time to see how an idea can we developed into a project. With the help of our experts, before the participants came to the forum, they developed the ideas unto the level of a presentable project in the forum. They are all already winners, all the presenters are already winners because they have previously worked for one month, with high expertise profiles to work on their ideas and now with the level of their idea, they can go to investors and pitch that idea.

INTERVIEWER: Next year, there is going to be another event. Can you tell us what you will be adding or change? Or the country?

JULIA: The country is always very difficult because it depends on the partner and the particular theme of the event. As always, we will focus on business and social sides of our lives and projects with social impact included. We will continue in this line for the next year. We usually change the format, for example, this year we added the networking dinner where the presenters were able to present their ideas, and reach the audience in a formal environment. By the way, it will be the 5th year anniversary of Youth Time, so it will be full of surprises.

INTERVIEWER: Regarding next year, the participants who want to apply for next year’s application, what advice can you give?

JULIA: They have to be very careful when filling out the application form because our application is long. First, you have to fill out the form, secondly, your CV and a short motivation letter, then a video. The better you do these steps, the better your application will be. We normally value someone with a social background, volunteering in an organisation or hosting social events

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