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To cover FES Integration Congress, Orange has gathered a team of young journalists across Europe. Besides great passion for European affairs and impressive German skills, all participants also care about the future of Europe’s integration and the EU’s role in welcoming refugees and migrants, who need locals’ support. The diverse team has prepared different stories about accepting refugees and integrating newcomers in their respective countries, and the many challenges that need to be faced by all members of European society to make the region truly welcoming.

Anna Romandash, editor-in-chief

Anna Romandash is a communications specialist and a freelance journalist based in Ukraine. She has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and her Master’s degree in Media Communications. Anna has worked as a communications and PR manager for pan-European NGOs and companies, and is involved with Orange Magazine as a project manager. She has published with a number of Ukrainian and foreign media outlets such Euronews, New Eastern Europe, and KyivPost among others. Anna has lived in the US and Denmark, where she worked as a journalist for local media. Currently, she is involved with local NGOs based in Ukraine.

Patricia Senge, German editor

Patricia Senge is a German journalist majoring in European Studies in the Netherlands. Besides internships in Germany, the United States, and Ghana, she hosted a show at Radio Rüsselsheim in her native country. Patricia is a president of the Student News Network “Breaking Maas” in Maastricht; she has worked with the organization for more than a year. She is experienced in radio and TV journalism, and also, writes for newspaper “Times Indicator” (USA) and an online magazine “f1rstlife” (Germany). Patricia is a member of Orange Magazine’s editorial team.

Gabriel D’Alincourt, Designer

Gabriel D’Alincourt is a Brazilian photographer and graphic designer, who currently lives in Sweden. He has a degree in business management, specializing in web marketing and analytics. Despite his corporate career, Gabriel is passionate about the arts, music, and photography. He moved to Stockholm in 2016, and has started his own photography projects. Gabriel is taking street photographs of his city and Brazil’s political protests. He is pursuing a full-time career in photography, more specifically documentary, photojournalism, and portraits. He is also a part of Orange Magazine’s editorial team.

Nikolay Nikolov, Photographer

Nikolay Nikolov is a photographer and photojournalist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has been working for several Bulgarian media covering topics related to human rights, social injustice, and social unrest in the country. Nikolay is deeply interested in exploring and healing the consequences of the Communist regime in the post-Communist society. Due to difficult media circumstances in his country, Nikolay works on different social photography projects like The Bulgarian Dream, Panelki Land, and Minimalistic Sofia. His work can be found here.

Marina Savchenko, Journalist & SMM

Marina Savchenko is a Berlin-based freelance journalist and social media manager. She got her professional inspiration from her mother, journalist and TV presenter. Marina graduated in European Studies from the Europe-Institute Klaus Mehnert. During her studies, she worked as a PR assistant, journalist, and translator. In 2015, she was a trainee in the Press and Communications Unit of the S&D Group where she improved her knowledge on European media and communication. Marina is interested in international media, cultural exchange, and women’s rights. She is a member of Orange Magazine’s core team and is involved with its many projects. Marina is passionate about digital media and believes they can help connecting young people from all over the world and challenge stereotypes.

Demetrios Pogkas, Journalist

Demetrios Pogkas is a business, tech, and data journalist from Athens, Greece. Demetrios is writing about startups, venture capital, and digital economy. His analyses and op-eds have appeared on various publications including Fortune Greece, The Huffington Post Greece, The Global Post,, Berlin Valley Magazine, The Hundert, and more. Demetrios is an active member of the European Youth Press and its Orange Magazine’s core editorial team.

Una Kelly, Journalist

Una Kelly is a freelance broadcast journalist based at the BBC in Northern Ireland. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Law and German and completed a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism at Cardiff University in 2016. Having undertaken an Erasmus year in Hamburg, she returned to Germany in 2013 and worked as a translator for two years in Berlin. Una has worked with a range of media outlets in Ireland, the UK and Germany, including the BBC, RTE, The Irish Times, and Exberliner. Una is particularly interested in the future of journalism, and in 2016, she was invited to speak on the subject at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy. She is also passionate about the old school medium of radio.

Lisa Urlbauer, Journalist

Lisa Urlbauer majors in European Studies at the University of Bremen. She works as a freelance journalist for a daily newspaper, and as an online marketer for a developing startup. Besides European Politics, Lisa is greatly interested in writing about people, who are politically and socially active in order to foster a better society for everyone.

Andro Anic, journalist

Andro Anic is a journalism and media student from Croatia. He is working as a freelance TV journalist, Croatian lecturer, and a social media manager. He has worked as an Assistant to the Executive Producer on the Croatian Radiotelevision and as a TV journalist for N1 – CNN’s exclusive news affiliate for Southeast Europe. After visiting European Parliament, Andro recognized the importance of the European institutions and media in creating everyday politics. Since then, he has been actively involved in projects with European Youth Press and European Parliament. Andro is passionate about Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism and is interested in live production.


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FES Integration Congress 2017
Berlin, Germany
Mar. 2017