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Media Coverage of International Events


Orange magazine – an international multimedia platform provides an interactive multimedia platform for media coverage of international conferences. This may include videos, podcasts, pictures galleries, print magazines, web articles, multimedia and social media.

The European Youth Press (EYP) is an umbrella organisation for young journalists in Europe. It involves more than 48,000 journalists across 19 members states. The best journalists from this network are selected to participate in the Orange magazine projects.

Since its inception in 2004, 40 different Orange issues have been published. Orange has covered events such as:

All over Europe Interest

  • It’s not important how international an event itself is, as long as there are interesting stories for a European audience.
  • We focus on the cultural part of each event and report about the differences and the commonalities of the participating countries.


  • Orange magazine is an English-based platform.
  • We recruit fluent English speaking journalists
  • The proof-reading is always done by a native English speaker

What can we offer your event?

1. International Media Coverage

  • The Orange magazine team aims to provide full multimedia coverage of the events.
  • This may include videos, podcasts, pictures galleries, print magazines, web articles, multimedia and social media.
  • The Orange concept is very flexible with regards to what media we produce and can be adjusted to meet your needs specifically.
  • We strive to recruit trained journalists that already publish on national level in order to ensure media coverage of your event in all of the participant’s countries.

2. Pan-European Media Team

  • We select our participants according to the theme of the conference that we cover. The selection criteria are especially tangled to match the young journalists’ specialism with the topic of the event.
  • We provide experienced Orange Magazine chief editors to supervise each event and ensure highest quality possible while still allowing young journalists the space to develop their professional skills within an enabling and inspiring environment
  • The number of participants may vary from 6 to 10 journalists depending on your needs.

3. Journalism Training

We offer our workshops in Media production and Media Innovation Labs. Our team is comprised by professional journalists who work on an international level.

  • Media Production: The Orange magazine team offers journalism training in every possible media outlet: videos, podcasts, pictures galleries, print magazines, web articles, multimedia and social media.
  • Media Innovation Labs: We offer workshops related with the latest trends and hot topics in media.

TV Training

The Orange TV Journalism Training offers an overview of the full video production process: from drafting a script, through filming to editing. By the end of the training, participants will be able to create their own short videos.
The TV journalism training includes:
  • Writing a script
  • Filming with camera: framing and lighting
  • Anchoring and Pronunciation
  • TV wardrobe and Make-up Rules
  • Interviewing skills for TV
  • Editing videos with Final Cut
  • Voice Over Specifics
  • Sound Editing and Creating Jingles
  • Creating titles and credits with After Effects

For more information contact our TV trainer Dobriyana Tropakeva on this email.

Multimedia Training


The Orange Multimedia Training offers a detailed overview on multimedia production with a combination of different media content forms. Our multimedia training is intended to eliminate the uncertainty associated with the term “multimedia”. We also provide end users with the necessary background to understand how to tell a story through a combination of text, audio, still images, video and interactivity content forms.

  • The Multimedia training includes:
  • Prezi training
  • Multimedia scriptwriting
  • Designing methods for multimedia
  • Filming short videos for the web
  • Podcasts for the web
  • Recording vox pops for the web
  • Using social media tools as storytelling methods

For more information contact our Multimedia trainers Soraia Ramos on this email.

Radio training

Radio training on an Orange project is all about bringing this media into the present day mediascape, learning how to create audio content as part of a multimedia package while making the most of the unique qualities of reporting for the airwaves. Radio training with Orange covers technical training as well as constructing stories for the listening ear.

Radio training includes:

  • Writing a script
  • Technical recording skills
  • Anchoring and pronunciation
  • Interviewing for radio
  • Editing with Hindenburg Journalist, Audacity, Sound Forge
  • Creating jingles

For more information contact our Radio trainer Marine Leduc on this email.

Photojournalism training

The Orange Photojournalism Training offers an overview on the versatile field of photojournalism. From how to get started with the idea and working in the field to selecting and editing the photos.

Photojournalism training includes:

  • Overview on different types of press photos: News, Reportage and Portrait
  • How to start with the idea
  • Choosing locations, choosing what to shoot
  • Working as a team (photographer, journalist, designer)
  • Working in the field (reportages, news events, portrait shoots)
  • How to select and edit the images

For more information contact Tomas Lacika on this email.

Design training

The Orange Design Training offers an overview on the magazine layout. From using the stylebook to the use of the desktop publishing software.

Design training includes:

  • An overview on magazine style and layout
  • An architecture of the magazine (stylebooks)
  • Working together with the writers and photographers (and Art Directors and Editors-in-Chief)
  • Editing the story and choosing the photos and graphics

Contact our team for more information email.

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