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Video Interview with Shinelle Bayrd (Guyana), winner of the Youth Global Forum 2018 Grant

Ms Shinelle Bayrd (Guyana) speaks abouth winning this year’s first prize of the Youth Global Forum, a supporting 6500€ grant, awarded by Ms Kinash to  for her project called The Wellness Center. It aims at raising awareness and providing support for persons dealing with mental health illnesses. The project wants to promote the improvement of the overall physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing by involving individuals, families and other stakeholders in mental health promotion, prevention, care and rehabilitation. She especially pointed out at the urgency of the project, since Guyana is the country with the highest suicidal rate in the world. Not only the necessity of this project, but also her detailed, reasoned and structured business plan, based on different business strategies, convinced the jury of the great impact this project will have for Guyana’s future.

Interview conducted by Berenike Vollmer.

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Youth Global Forum 2018
Paris, France
Dec. 2018